Last update: 26 Feb 2023


Conditions of use

Downloading the code implies agreement to these conditions.

1. SEIB-DGVM can be used by any researchers and by any organs for research purpose. For other usage, please contact to Dr Hisashi SATO and obtain permission beforehand.
2. The code is provided with no guarantees as to the accuracy, correctness or utlility of the output produced.
3. Modified code can be only redistributed with permissions of Dr Hisashi SATO.
4. Publications should give adequately citation to the authors of the SEIB-DGVM (see Publications page). We really appreciate if you send us resultant publications!

Code and data

Program language is Fortran90. Currently, only Japanese versions (i.e., readme.txt is written in Japanese only) are available.

SEIB-DGVM Distribution Packages
The distributed code is point simulation version; it simulates only single virtual forest (grass land). The setting area of the virtual-forest is 30mx30m, but it can be easialy changed by modifing the configuration file. For simulation of multule plot (regional scale or global scale), a recent super computer will be required.

I suggest you use the SEIB-DGVM v3.03 unless you treat within-grid heterogeneity of hydrology explicitly. SEIB-DGVM v3.10 employs the TOPMODEL for its simulation, and ten times the computation requirement accompanies due to this extension.

* version3.10 -> (This version corresponds with Sato et al. 2020, Sato et al. 2023)
* version3.03 ->
* version3.02 ->
* version3.01 ->
* version3.00 -> (This version corresponds with Sato et al. 2016)
* version2.82 ->
* version2.81 ->
* version2.80 -> (This version corresponds with Sato et al. 2015)
* version2.71 ->
* version2.70 -> (This version corresponds with Sato & Ise, 2012)
* version2.62 ->
* version2.61 ->
* version2.60 ->
* version2.55 ->
* version2.54 ->
* version2.53 ->
* version2.52 ->
* version2.51 ->
* version2.50 ->
* version2.42 -> (This version corresponds with Sato et al., 2010)
* version2.41 ->
* version2.40 ->
* version2.30 -> (This version corresponds with Sato, 2009)
* version2.20 ->
* version2.11 ->
* version2.10 ->
* version2.00 ->
* version1.43 ->
* version1.42 ->
* version1.41 ->
* version1.40 -> (This version corresponds with Sato et al., 2007)
* version1.31 ->
* version1.30 ->
* version1.20 ->
* version1.10 ->
* version1.02 ->
* version1.01 ->
* version1.00 ->

* TOPMODL implemented SEIB-DGVM -> (This version corresponds with Sato et al. 2020)

Sample data for SEIB-Viewer
SEIB-Viewer is included in the SEIB-DGVM ver1.31 or later.
* For SEIB-DGVM Ver3.10 (compressed using ZIP) -->
* For SEIB-DGVM Ver3.00 (compressed using ZIP, ca 1.7M) -->
* For SEIB-DGVM Ver2.80 (compressed using ZIP, ca 2.7M) -->
* For SEIB-DGVM Ver2.00~2.71 (compressed using ZIP, ca 3.6M) -->
* For SEIB-DGVM Ver1.* (compressed using ZIP, ca 2.5M) -->

Sample of climatic data for running SEIB-DGVM (required only for earlier versions)
Climatic data sample for SEIB-DGVM ver1.41 and earlier. Sample climatic data for SEIB-DGVM ver1.42 and later is included in the distribution package.

Virtual Forest Viewer
This software enables to visualize 3D structure of simulated forests. After the SEIB-DGVM 3.0, all functions of this software were included into the SEIB-Viewer.
* For all versions of the SEIB-DGVM (compressed using ZIP, ca 1.0M) -->
* Sample data for inputting the Virtual Forest Viewer (compressed using ZIP, ca 0.3M) -->

SEIB-DGVM Official Logo

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