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Publications and reports using SEIB-DGVM

Original paper with peer review (in English)

Sato H, Kobayashi H, Iwahana G, Ohta T (2016)
Endurance of larch forest ecosystems in eastern Siberia under warming trends
Ecology and Evolution, 6(16), 5690-5704
[DOI link] Open Access

Arakida H, Miyoshi T, Ise T, et al. (2016)
Non-Gaussian data assimilation of satellite-based Leaf Area Index observations with an individual-based dynamic global vegetation model
Nonlin. Processes Geophys. Discuss.
[DOI link] Open Access

Sato H, Kumagai T, Takahashi A, Katul G (2015)
Effects of different representations of stomatal conductance response to humidity across the African continent under warmer CO2-enriched climate conditions
Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences 120
[DOI link] Open Access

Guan K, Good SP, Caylor KK, Sato H, Wood EF, Li H (2014)
Continental-scale impacts of intra-seasonal rainfall variability on simulated ecosystem responses in Africa
Biogeosciences, 11, 6939-6954
[DOI link]

Ishii S., Sato H., Yamazaki T. (2013)
Geographical variability of relationships among black carbon from wildfires, climate and vegetation in Africa
Climate Research 57(3), 221-231
[DOI link] Open Access

Sato H, Ise T (2012)
Effect of plant dynamic processes on African vegetation responses to climate change: analysis using the spatially explicit individual-based dynamic global vegetation model (SEIB-DGVM)
Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences
[DOI link] Open Access

Rempei Suwa (2012)
Evaluation of the wave attenuation function of a coastal black pine Pinus thunbergii forest using the individual-based dynamic vegetation model SEIB-DGVM
Journal of Forest Research, 17
[DOI link]

Watanabe S, Hajima T, Sudo K, Nagashima T, Takemura T, Okajima H, Nozawa T, Kawase H, Abe M, Yokohata T, Ise T, Sato H, Kato E, Takata K, Emori S, Kawamiya M (2011)
MIROC-ESM: model description and basic results of CMIP5-20c3m experiments
Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss., 4, 1063-1128
[DOI link]

Ito, A. (2011)
Mega fire emissions in Siberia: potential supply of bioavailable iron from forests to the ocean.
Biogeosciences, 8, 1679-1697
[DOI link]

Ito, A., Ichii, K., and Kato, T. (2010)
Spatial and temporal patterns of soil respiration over the Japanese Archipelago: a model intercomparison study
Ecological Research, DOI 10.1007/s11284-010-0729-8
[DOI link]

Sato H, Kobayashi H, Delbart N (2010)
Simulation study of the vegetation structure and function in eastern Siberian larch forests using the individual-based vegetation model SEIB-DGVM
Forest Ecology and Management 259, 301-311
[DOI link]

Fujii S, Kubota Y, Enoki T (2009)
Resilience of stand structure and tree species diversity in subtropical forest degraded by clear logging.
Journal of Forest Research
[DOI link]

Ichii K, Suzuki T, Kato T, Ito A, Hajima T, Ueyama M, Sasai T, Hirata R, Saigusa N, Ohtani Y, and Takagi K (2009)
Multi-model analysis of terrestrial carbon cycles in Japan: reducing uncertainties in model outputs among different terrestrial biosphere models using flux observations
Biogeosciences, 6, 8455-8502

Ise T, Hajima T, Sato H, and Kato T (2009)
Simulating the two-way feedback between terrestrial ecosystems and climate: Importance of forest ecological processes on global change.
In Forest Canopies: Forest Production, Ecosystem Health, and Climate Conditions. New York, NOVA.

Sato H (2009)
Simulation of the vegetation structure and function in a Malaysian tropical rain forest using the individual-based dynamic vegetation model SEIB-DGVM
Forest Ecology and Management 257(11), 2277-2286, doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2009.03.002.
[DOI link]

Ise T, H. Sato (2008)
Representing subgrid-scale edaphic heterogeneity in a large-scale ecosystem model: A case study in the circumpolar boreal regions
Geophysical Research Letters 35, L20407.
[DOI link]

Sato H, Itoh A, Kohyama T (2007)
SEIB-DGVM: A New Dynamic Global Vegetation Model using a Spatially Explicit Individual-Based Approach
Ecological Modelling 200(3-4), 279-307.
[DOI link]

Kawamiya M, Yoshikawa C, Sato H, Sudo K, Watanabe S, Matsuno T (2005)
Development of an Integrated Earth System Model on the Earth Simulator.
Journal of Earth Simurator 4, 18-30

Original paper with peer review (in Japanese)

Sato H (2008)
Current status and future direction of biogeochemical models, a review
Japanese Journal of Ecology 58(1), 11-21.

Ito A, Ichii K, Tanaka K, Sato H, Emori S, Oikawa T (2004)
Land process models used in earth-system models: State-of-the-Art
Tenki 51(4), 227-239.


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